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Northwood School learners take the lead with clean-up

ONE thing that was evident in the aftermath of the devastating KZN floods was the community effort to help out wherever they can.

For some residents it was donations to the rescue personnel, stationed at Virginia Airport, as they continue to provide humanitarian and disaster relief assistance to those affected.

For members of Northwood School and local trail running club, Riverside Trail, they put their collective efforts into clearing up a mudslide affecting the lower end of Margaret Maytom Avenue.

Head boy Matthew Anderssen, said he initially put the call out to his fellow prefects and was blown away by the response.

“We had learners from every grade join on the public holiday last Monday. It was a collaborative effort with members of Riverside Trail, parents and the learners and to see the difference we made was quite incredible. Much of the soil from the mudslide came from the Virginia Bush Nature Reserve.

“When I put the call out for help I was thinking about how Northwood can make a change to the community. Seeing how much of a difference we made is incredibly humbling. I’m extremely proud of all those who chipped in to help. I use this route every day to go home and to see it clear now is great for the community,” he said.

Before the clean-up, members of the Home Hawks Neighbourhood Watch had created a path through the median using warning tape.