Durban NPO aims to grow sterilisation mission

FOR the past eight years, non-profit organisation (NPO) Cats of Durban has been making a difference to feral cat colonies across Durban and its surrounds.

Staffed entirely by volunteers, the NPO is dedicated to the well-being of stray and feral cats and also raises money to sterilise strays and feral cats.

In January this year, the agency, along with Midmar vet Doctor Lee Pachonick, hosted a sterilisation clinic in Durban North where a total of 57 cats were sterilised.

Nikki Moore, founder of Cats of Durban and rescuer, said this clinic is one of several planned for the year ahead.

“We’ve always maintained that euthanasia and removal of feral or stray cats is not the solution. That is why we focus on sterilisation and try to bring down the number of feral cats. While the generous support from the public has allowed us to grow and host more sterilisation clinics, we never meet the demand, sadly. We are always in need of more people.

“At the moment, we have 13 trappers, but we would love to see that number grow. In July, we plan to host a sterilisation clinic in Central Durban. We work closely with various organisations. My goal overall would be to see more volunteers join us to help in our mission,” Moore said.

Her words were echoed by Sunningdale resident and fellow trapper for Cats of Durban, Janine Indrio.

“I actually met with Nikkie after I’d noticed two strays at our business premises. She helped sterilise them, and the more I learned about the organisation, the more I appreciated what they did. So I became a volunteer and trapper. I’ve always loved cats and animals, and I even had dreams of becoming a vet, but being in the role I am now has helped me give back in such a meaningful way, too,” she said.

If you would like to support or find out more about Cats of Durban, visit their Facebook page or reach out to them via their website,