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Car Wash

There is nothing worse than driving around in an unclean car. Not only does it look bad from the outside, but you are left feeling dissatisfied from within as well. Thankfully, JJ Mabele Carwash is at your service.


Full House to Wash & GO!

From a Full House to a Wash & Go, we are able to give you everything you need to keep your car shining from the inside out. While we take care of your car, pop into our store and grab a coffee while you wait.

View our prices below and visit us today for a total refresh for your car.

Passenger/ 2 seater All other/ COMBI
Vacuum and Wipe R40.00 R45.00
Wash and Go R50.00 R60.00
The Works R70.00 R85.00
Full House (Wash, wax, vacuum, dry, tyre shine, deodorise, mag clean) R85.00 R98.00/R110
Full House (Silicone 4 wheels) R22.00 R35.00

Please note: R25.00 surcharge will apply on very muddy vehicles.

Auto Valet

Excl polish Incl polish
Single cab bakkie R380 R450
Single cab bakkie and canopy or passenger car R460 R560
Double cab (no canopy R480 R580
All other vehicles
R550 R620
Leather care only R200 R220