The best Coffee in Durban

Known by many as the best Coffee in Durban, the Seattle Coffee Company is the answer to anyone looking for a  beverage at any time of the day. Whether you are passing through on your way to work or going on a coffee run during your lunch break, you are guaranteed coffee of the absolute highest quality.


The worlds finest Arabica beans

Sourced from the top 1% of the worlds finest Arabica beans, Seattle Coffee is roasted and prepared with the exquisite final taste in mind. Combining beans from all the major coffee growing regions in the world, the Seattle Coffee Company has spent years honing the craft of perfect coffee creation and the result is now available to you at Caltex Glenashley.

View some of our options below and come join us at our sitting area for a hot cappuccino or a cold iced coffee. No matter your choice, you are promised the most delicious coffee experience of your life.

Short Tall Grande
Cafe Latte R24.50 R29.50 R32.50
Cappuccino R24.50 R29.50 R32.50
Double Short Latte R27.50
Single Tall R27.50
Butterscotch Latte R30.00 R35.00 R39.00
Seattle Freeze Iced Coffee R35.00