Golf fundraiser serves lifesaving cause

THE South African Bone Marrow Registry (SABMR), in partnership with Caxton Local Media, held its annual charity golf day at Durban Country Club on Friday, March 17.

The annual golf day aims to raise funds for children and adult patients in need of stem cell donors. Signing up to become a donor is as easy as brushing your teeth. Simply log in to the SABMR website and fill out a form. If you qualify to become a donor, SABMR will send you a kit to take a cheek swab, which will allow SABMR to check if a potential donor is a match for any patients in need. If a match is found, donors will be called and asked if they want to go through with the donor procedure.

Kapil Premchand of SABMR said the fundraiser was a success with funds raised to help those in need.

“Approximately R150K was raised toward our patient-assistance programme. Through this programme, we assist children and adult patients who are in need,” said Premchand.

He called on the community to continue to support SABMR’s work.

“If you missed the golf day and still want to contribute, either by becoming a donor or supporting SABMR financially. If any individuals or business owners would like to contribute to the cause, they are welcome to contact us,”he said.

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