Special Petrol

Powered by Techron, the petrol that Caltex Glenashley uses is special, and is engineered to be the very best for your vehicle. Our petrol not only fills up your tank but also cleans your engine in the process.


The truth is, not all petrol is the same.

When regular petrol is used, deposits begin to form within important sections of your engine. The speciality of Techron is its inclusion of polyetheramines that is scientifically proven to keep these important sections clean, stopping the formation of deposits. Techron is found in all grades of Caltex petrol and is trusted by mechanics and manufacturers all across the world.

Make use of our weekend special and get a 50c/L discount on diesel from Friday midnight to Sunday midnight.

View the latest petrol prices below and visit us today to fill up with the fantastic power of Techron.