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Chill at the chilli festival this weekend

THE first-ever chilli festival for Durban takes place in Durban North this weekend.

Aptly named the Great East Coast Chilli Fest, the event promises to deliver a heat sensation like no other in the form of products, food, competitions and more.

Speaking to Northglen News ahead of the event on March 25, at Northwood Crusaders Sports Club, two chilli-sauce producers say they can’t wait to see chilli lovers like themselves come out and enjoy the event.

Greg Ronquest, owner of Wushini Chilli, made from the deadly Carolina reaper, not only makes his own sauces but he grows his own chilli, too.

“Making your own sauces is quite a process, and there’s a huge difference in the taste. This is really such an art, and there’s no event in Durban where sauce makers can come together,” said Ronquest.

Yatish Bipulprasad, creator of The Mayor of Durban, is a chef by profession and is also looking to feature his products at the festival.
“I know so much about food, but with chillies, I learn something new every day,” he said.
Both encouraged locals to support the event.

There will be a chilli-eating competition, food – mild and spicy – and lots more for individuals and families to enjoy. There is also an artisanal chilli-sauce-making competition. If you make chilli sauces, especially with a twist, you can enter.

To find out more or to book a stall, call Papadopoulos on 084 505 0113 or Cowan on 082 884 5105.