New dog rescue organisation holds first adoption day in Sunningdale

SAFE Fostering Network, a new animal rescue organisation based in Durban, is standing up to play its part in taking responsibility to see change for thousands of homeless, abused, and neglected dogs in KZN.

While doing that, they’re encouraging others to become part of the change, to stand up with them and take responsibility, too. They believe that the only way anything will ever change is if communities stand together for the outcome they want to see.

Speaking to Northglen News at their first adoption day held at Fabrica coffee shop in Sunningdale, director Kerry Janke said she, Milan Comley and Claire Augustyn – who are also directors – saw that real solutions needed to be found for the ever-increasing numbers of abandoned, abused and neglected animals in the province, so they came together, and that’s how Safe was born.

“We are a registered NPC which started only a month ago. The three of us, each with our own skillset, came together through mutual friends around our core value which is to take responsibility for change,” said Janke.

Janke said there are many contributing factors to why there are so many homeless dogs around the city, but the three main reasons are poverty, lack of sterilisation and a lack of education.

So, the trio is working together, coming up with strategies to overcome these three hurdles, with the organisations key focus being on mass sterilisation and vaccination drives, improving the quality of lives of the dogs in communities and providing education on animal ownership and care. They believe the problem has reached an alarming level and it can no longer “be adopted away”.

At the moment, Safe Fostering Network has 12 foster families that takes care of rescue dogs before they are moved to their forever homes. The fostering and adoption side of the organisation is a natural “off shoot” to their work on the ground.

The organisation is looking for more to join and for families looking for dogs to adopt.

“Since we have only just started, the three of us are funding almost everything through our own pockets, with support coming in slowly as people get to know about what we are doing. We want to make a positive change. We are seeking out mutually beneficial corporate partnership and project-based donations through the community. Our main priority is to start a movement for change in the community,” said Comley.

“If we all take a small portion of responsibility and stand together, we will start to see a change,” she said.

If you would like to donate cash, time and skills, become a foster parent, or adopt a dog, contact Safe Fostering Network on 081 5641 649.