Support SPCA’s ‘paw’some pop-up shop

THE Durban & Coast SPCA has opened a pop-up shop at La Lucia Mall for a limited time.

Marketing manager for the SPCA, Tanya Fleischer, said the shop has been well received by residents and shoppers at the mall.

“We are grateful to the management of La Lucia Mall who have allowed us to utilise this space for about two and a half weeks. With the construction work around Springfield Park this space has made it more convenient for some of our supporters. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic we’ve been unable to host our monthly markets and this pop-up shop has given us an opportunity to raise funds that we would have lost out on.

“We have a number of items up for sale at the shop including antiques, jewellery, books and clothes that we don’t sell at our charity shops. We really hope to see more residents come out and support us. So far the reception from shoppers and residents has been great and the shop has been well received,” she explained.

The shop is open from 9am to 5pm (Monday to Saturday) and 9am to 3pm (Sunday).

She also urged residents to come out and support the SPCA book sale on 1 August at The Crescent shopping centre from 8am – 1pm.