Monkeys ‘splash out’ at Glen Anil pool party

GLEN ANIL resident, Sharon Myburgh was surprised to find a troop of vervet monkeys having a pool party in her back yard this week.

Myburgh, who has lived in her Glen Anil home for 30 years, has never seen monkeys take a dip in her pool.

This week’s hot weather led the troop to take a dip to cool off, she said.

“We have monkeys here every single day but they have never jumped into the pool before. I was working in my office when I heard a few splashes- the first splash I heard, I thought a monkey had fallen in, but then I saw the monkeys were actually diving in and having a party,” added Myburgh.

Myburgh said the ‘monkey pool party’ went on for about 30 minutes.

She managed to capture a few photos of the fun and husband, Nick Myburgh shared them with us.