MANCOSA offers free expert advice for small businesses

PRIVATE higher education institution, MANCOSA, will harness the support of subject matter specialists to provide free expert advice on a range of important aspects of business management for small businesses, and the way forward, during the lockdown.

The initiative has been backed by the Durban Chamber of Commerce and Industry as it will provide quality business support to its members and the broader business community.

The academic and social purposes initiative director at MANCOSA, professor Magnate Ntombela, said, “Small businesses that are in ICU are being bombarded with information and advice from all sides. There is information overload. Some organisations are capitalising on the crisis and want to charge a fee for advice.

“MANCOSA business school has decided to address the call from SMMEs for bite-sized content that can be easily understood and will help answer the many questions small business owners have relating to tax matters, occupational health, human resources, how to apply for relief funding, coping with debts, property rental issues and managing the cash flow.”

A team of experts in various fields will share information on an easily accessible platform to assist small businesses.

The Durban Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s CEO, Palesa Phili, said the biggest challenge that is faced by leaders in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic is working out how to safeguard business continuity in an ever-changing  environment.

“Businesses require support to interpret newly-formulated legislation and navigating a myriad of disruptions and threats to their sustainability, from cash flow pressures; compromised employee health; business operations upheavals; and limited mobility; to drastically reduced export markets and many more problems. 

“We are proud to be partnering with MANCOSA business school to fill a key business need at this time for credible quality information that will help guide critical decision-making for the captains of industry in KZN as well as SMMEs.”

The subject experts include Bruce Macgregor (lawyer), Elizabeth Lumley (industrial and organisational psychologist), Aneria Bouwer (partner in Bowmans’ Cape Town office Tax Practice), Riaz Dhai (chartered accountant) and Melitta Ngalonkulu (financial journalist).