Leopard plays on tee box in Skukuza

Why can’t a leopard hide? Because it’s always spotted.

This rang true when the greenkeeper of Skukuza Golf Course, Jean Rossouw, came across a female leopard while inspecting the course early this morning.

In a video that is sure to brighten up your day, it seems as if the leopard itself is inspecting the second tee for its readiness. Rossouw, as always, had his camera ready to document the feline’s shenanigans.

“I was inspecting the course to see what damage the animals had caused on Wednesday night. Upon arrival at the second tee box, I came across this usually skittish, but on this day very playful, female leopard,” he said. Rossouw added that it was not his first encounter with her in recent months.

“Fear not,” he said, “golfers can still enjoy a round as she poses little to danger to humans. That is, if you respect her in her natural habitat.”

Source: lowvelder.co.za