International Coastal Clean-up to take place in September

WHILE beach clean-ups have been prohibited during the nationwide Covid-19 lockdown, the South African Association for Marine Biological Research (SAAMBR) is hoping to find a way to commemorate International Coastal Clean-up day as regulations ease.

The international event usually takes place on 18 September, however, in the interest of social distancing, SAAMBR is hoping to spread the clean-up over a longer period from 18 – 23 September.

“It is important to check with your local authority to make sure your local beach is open before organising a clean-up. Please also check with your local municipality if there are any regulations for your chosen beach clean-up location,” she said.

SAAMBR is encouraging communities to organise small local clean-ups where permitted.

“We would like to encourage conservancy groups, schools and families to participate and keep within the legislated restrictions of being in a group of less than 50 people, wearing a mask and keeping a social distance at all times. The additional use of gloves are encouraged where possible,” added Kunz.

According to Kunz there is a lot of work to do after months of litter build up during the lockdown.

“It has been a long time since our beaches have had any attention in terms of clean-ups. So it seems fitting that the International Coastal Clean-up for 2020 is going to be one of the first under the new rules,” she added.

The eThekwini Municipality declared beaches are allowed to be open under level 2 lockdown, for activities such jogging on the sand, walking, running and yoga. Swimming in the ocean remains prohibited.

The International Coastal Clean-up is a global event with more than 100 countries participating. Groups of up to 50 people who want to clean the beach need to sign up before 4 September 2020.

Visit the SAAMBR website for a registration form via