Here’s your station for voter registration

VOTER registration weekend has been scheduled for the weekend of September 18 and 19.

The registration weekend will offer all eligible citizens an opportunity to register or update their registration details.

All the 23 151 voting stations will open at 8.00 until 17.00 on both days.

The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) has urged young people in particular to take advantage of this opportunity to register and eventually vote.

The applications for special votes will also open on September 20 and close on October 4.

Cogta Minister, Nkosizane Dlamini-Zuma will announce the date of the election on September 20. This proclamation of the election date will cause the voters’ roll to be closed for purposes of the 2021 municipal elections.

Ward 34
St. Michael’s Primary School in Red Hill
Effingham Heights Primary School in Effingham
Effingham Secondary School in Effingham
Greenwood Park Primary School in Greenwood Park
Kenville Primary School in Kenville
Sea Cow Lake Secondary School in Sea Cow Lake

Ward 35
Glenashley Junior Primary School
Trinity Methodist Church
Victory Christian Academy
Atholton Primary School
NG Church, Herrwood Drive

Ward 36
Northwood Boys high School
Chelsea Preparatory School (Chelsea Drive campus)
Durban North College
Rosehill Primary School
Northcrest Primary School

Ward 110
Rinaldo Park
Sunningdale Park (On Village Way)
Mount Moriah Tent
Mount Royal Tent
Daleview Secondary School

Covid-19 protocol applies
• Wear a mask when you register and vote
• Keep a distance of 1.5 m from fellow voters
• Wait your turn before entering the voting station as only a limited number of people may be gathered inside the venue at the same time.
• Liquid sanitiser will be sprayed on your hands by an election official
• Bring your own pen for filling in forms and marking ballots at the voting station. Sanitised pens will also be available.
• All voting station surfaces will be wiped with 70% alcohol disinfectant before and after use.
• Politely speak up if people are too close to you, or if anyone’s behavior makes you feel uncomfortable.