Give an adult dog a home, says north Durban animal rescue organisation

ADULT dogs are less likely to be adopted, says Neeri Naidoo, founder of Phoenix Animal Care & Treatment (PACT), as the organisation embarks on its ‘Because I’m A Grown Ass Adult Campaign’.
“There are 27 dogs which are looking for homes, however, since they are adults, it makes it more difficult for us to place them in permanent homes, ” said Naidoo.
Some of these dogs are placed in kennels while the majority of them are with foster families in the Durban North areas.
“Through this campaign we want to promote the adoption of adult dogs across animal welfare organisations and break the stigmas associated with adopting adult dogs,” she added.
Naidoo said on average she receives about 50 calls a day pertaining to dog rescues but, the organisation’s hands are tied as they have no space to take on new cases.
“We also know there are valid reasons to adopt puppies, for example, some dogs or cats may have adaptation issues to a larger dog. However, “I want a puppy because I want my children to grow with a puppy”, “I want to be able to train” and  “I want them to be cute”, are not valid reasons,” said Naidoo.
She said all of these excuses are a myth and that one can teach an old dog new tricks.
PACT invites animal lovers to their ‘Because I’m A Grown Ass Adult Campaign’ meet and greet, at Surf Riders,  every Saturday  from 07:00 to 09:00.