Collective hopes bring heartfelt change to the heart of Durban North

LAST year residents, business owners alongside the Durban North Conservancy and members of Enviro Fixers Durban North were at the heart of the cleaning and greening project on Swapo Road (Broadway) and Adelaide Tambo Drive (Kensington).

Spearheaded by Kensington SuperSPAR, a new collective was formed, The Heart of Durban North to service the area and the business district.

Speaking to Northglen News, Ashleigh Rosenbaum, owner of Kensington SuperSPAR said the collective had more projects planned for the area in the hopes of making it a beautiful precinct.

“We are in the heart of the Durban North business district, hence the name we chose. We were simply blown away by the amount of people who helped in last year’s clean-up. The idea behind The Heart of Durban North was taking things into our own hands to give back to the community around us. We have a number of fun projects lined up this year and one of our ideas is to possibly get art students involved in painting the bollards and bus stops in the area we service.

“Our aim now is to keep the district green, clean and beautiful. Our biggest vision is to make this space safe for all to us. We have had great feedback from various stakeholders in the area. We currently have a roaming security guard who ensures trolleys are returned and helps anyone in need. Another idea we would like to propose is the introduction of a Broadway market perhaps which would be great for businesses in the area and residents with small businesses. We also have an idea of putting up Christmas lights to bring festive cheer to residents and visitors,” Rosenbaum said.

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