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Blue Lagoon clean-up set for Saturday

DURBANITES are encouraged to join the next #CBL (Clean Blue Lagoon) on Saturday, October 30 at Beachwood Mangroves.

Organiser, Denise Mccreadie, said the more people who attend, the better as the planet is need of everyone’s help to preserve it for future generations.

“Humans need nature more than nature needs humans. However, the way humans are destroying the planet it seems all these enjoyable sights won’t be around for long. We can’t blame the government for the litter in our town; it’s our responsibility to keep our City clean and to get our children involved in clean-ups as well,” she said.

Eco-warriors, who will be attending the event, must carry their gloves, sunscreen, masks, water and sanitisers.

“Black bags will be provided and all Covid-19 protocol will be followed. No mask, no entry,” said McCreadie.

She asked that all volunteers wear the correct shoes.

“You will need to cross over a section of the river, so please choose your shoes accordingly. You could also walk, which is the long way around, but you will encounter the beauty of nature, which is something worth experiencing,” she said.

McCreadie advised that clean-up participants visit the Facebook group, Clean Blue Lagoon, for updates.